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“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn. ”

O. Fred Donaldson

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission to succeed is built on promises to our children, our families, and our staff.


  • To our children, we promise to provide you with a nurturing, supportive, creative, inclusive, and educational environment where you can reach your fullest potential.

  • To our families, we promise to listen to your needs, thoughts and wishes as they relate to the care of your little person.

  • To our staff, we promise to value, appreciate, and respect you by providing you with the tools, training and support you need to be successful at Babies 2 Buddies. We will all learn, play, and grow together, from babies 2 buddies.

Babies 2 Buddies is locally owned and operated.

Kid Playing with Wooden Toys
Toddler with Wooden Toys

Being Intentional

At Babies 2 Buddies, our vision is to provide a nurturing, supportive, inclusive atmosphere for all children and their families.

We are committed to being intentional about  diversity in all things. Our staff and policies will always reflect that commitment.


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